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About Us

All about my dogs and our team!


Blue, my 8yr old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He is the reason I am the trainer I am today! 

I rescued him from a client when I started my training, as he was at risk of being put to sleep. Together we have worked through every possible behaviour issue from obedience to aggression issues. He is now fully rehabilitated and helps me help other owners work through similar issues. He has been my biggest teacher.

Gary, my 1yr old chihuahua. He is a super tiny 1.5kg but with a huge personality. He is living life proving small dogs can be super social and well behaved! He assists on 121 sessions and also helps our students learn how to train dogs as small as him.


Blinder, she is a 1 yr old Bull Herder. She is my first working dog and she has been a fabulous teacher. She has made me think outside the box and aim high when it comes to high level dog training. She's a super confident, intense and affectionate dog. Together we compete all over the country in obedience and protection trials. 

Our Story

I have always loved animals and always new I'd end up in a job working with them. I came across a dog training course when i was 19yrs old and that was the turning point for me. It was an amazing course consisting of multiple weekend inperson days to gain lots of experience. To pass the course i completed 120 case studies working with clients to resolve behaviour issues. This was how i found Blue !

I then spent 2 yrs shadowing different trainers from all over the country, training blue to the highest level  and started up my first group class. From then onwards slowly word spread and I was inundated with owners needing help with their dogs ranging from basic obedience to reactivity and aggression. This became my part time job and any spare time I had would be spent helping owners and their dogs. 

When lockdown hit I decided to focus on elevating Blue's training and building a social media platform. Within a few weeks of restrictions lifting I was fully booked 7 days a week and this grew to being fully booked 4 months in advance.  

2 years later I met my Partner Liam who owns LM-K9 Dog Training and he introduced me to the working dog side of training. Since then my knowledge of advanced obedience and dog sports has grown and together we run a Mentorship Programme educating owners and other pet professionals on everything there is to know about Dog behaviour and Training. 

Our Dog Walking Team!

Kirsty Sailsbury 

Dog Walker & Trainer 

Croydon, South London

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Mel Davies 

Dog Walker & Trainee Trainer  

Sydenham, South London

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Ashley Mcivor 

Dog Walker & Trainer 


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I am so lucky to have such wonderful, passionate and talented people on my team. 


They have all successfully rehabilitated their own dogs and shadowed trainers I have personally worked alongside. They are  complete naturals when it comes to dogs and have experience handling dogs of all sizes, temperaments and training levels, ranging from schnauzers, cockapoos too malinois and dobermans!


They have all completed our 4 month mentorship program where they have learned everything there is to know about training dogs from solving behavioural problems, and teaching basic obedience to competition-level obedience. Completely setting them apart from any other dog walkers in the area. 


Celine Stone 

Melissa has helped us so much with confidence building for our nervous cavapoo.

The relationship with my dog is stronger than ever and through consistency and boundaries he is becoming a well balanced dog.

Becky May

We didn’t know where to start with our puppy and Melissa’s sessions and advice was invaluable.

We also find the social Saturdays a great help and the dogs love it! Thank you Melissa!


Although we had been working hard and seen three other trainers, our dogs reactivity was still a big problem.

After seeing and reading such great things about Melissa we decided to book in I am so glad we made this decision.

We now have such fantastic days out with our dog,

He can now off lead heel, come back when called!

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