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Premium Structured Dog Walking 

Offering a range of services suited to your dog's physical and mental needs. Walks will include loose lead walking, structured and safe off lead exercise, play, obedience, scent work, duration work, and much more. You can be sure that your dog will come home fulfilled and all of your current training maintained and enhanced! Pack Walks will be kept to a maximum of 4-5 dogs to adhere to local council rules and also to ensure that your dogs are safe at all times during walks


Pack Walks  1 hour 

A chance for your dog to enjoy safe structured social time with well matched and trained dogs. 

£24 per dog 


Solo Walks  1 hour 

Some quality one on one time with our walkers. So they can enjoy time away from other dogs if they prefer and build confidence when walking with our walkers. 



Adventure Walks  4 hours

We will travel further afield to different locations, these can be big forests, heathlads, beaches and more! Walks will be 2/3 hours long with the total time out being close to 4 hours with travel.


Puppy Socialisation Walks  40 mins 

Puppies critical socialisation period is between 8-16weeks. Socialisation is made up of introducing your puppy to new sights, sounds, smells and textures. While many think socialisation is meeting as many dogs and people as possible, the fact is quite the opposite and with this, it is very much quality over quantity.

During these 40 minute socialisation walks, we will take your puppy out to busy high streets, shop car parks, cafes and more. By visiting these environments in short bursts, it will help to create a well-rounded, confident dog that can handle many situations. These walks are perfect for those who may not have the time or the ability to ensure puppy gets enough exposure as possible.


Day Train  3-6 hours 

Perfect if you would like your dog to receive one on one training tailored to yours and your dogs needs. 

This could include : loose lead walking, recall, obedience, reactivity, confidence building, puppy training. 

Full day 6 hours £70 

Half Day 3 hours £45 

Please note : If you would like your dog to participate in these services but they struggle to walk on a loose lead. Please let your chosen dog walker know and they will arrange a Pre Walk Training session with you. you will also receive a short hand over session too. 


Harry Hepple 

Kirsty is just amazing! She’s been instrumental in helping us develop Pippin’s temperament on walks. He was a typical puppy and wanted to go see everything everywhere all at once. Kirsty has built (and helped us build) engagement on walks and taught him good manners when out and about and when walking with the pack. It helps that Pippin absolutely adores her! Can’t recommend Kirsty highly enough

Gemma Avery

Such a fantastic service, couldn’t recommend highly enough. My dog is so happy and is doing so well with Kirsty!

Lisa Driver, MI

Kirsty takes the time to understand your dogs needs and behaviours and structures their walks accordingly.

Kirsty is reliable and trustworthy and we recommend her services to anyone looking for a great routine for your dog. Thanks Kirsty!

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