A Little About Me

At Paws-A minute I aim to improve the lives of dogs and their owners. I specialise in helping people who own dogs that have minor to severe behavioural problems. I have worked with hundreds of dogs, with all different kinds of behavioural problems, ranging from smaller issues such as pulling on the lead too human/dog reactivity. My job is to find out why your dog is displaying this unwanted behaviour and show you techniques on how to solve this. I will then show you how to carry out your ‘personalised plan’ that suits your normal daily routine and lifestyle.

I will help you to achieve your goals with your dog without the use of punishment or physical force. I want you the owner to be able to communicate and stop unwanted behaviours positively using just yourself and calm-assertive energy.

My aim is not only to solve your current behavioural problem(s) but to help you the owner to build a strong relationship with your dog, built on trust, respect and then of course love. This will help your dog have a happy, fulfilled and balanced life.


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Based in Croydon, London and surrounding areas.


07729 771900