What to expect from your package 

As every dog and owner are different and will require a unique approach, it isn't possible for us to give an in-depth breakdown of what each session will consist of. 

However, below are listed what the majority of clients work on during our sessions. Please bare in mind you and your dog may or may not do some or all of the things in the lists below. All of our training is tailored to you and your dog. 

- Loose Lead walking 

- Crate Training 

- Place Training

- Duration work 

- Obedience 

- Structure inside and outside the home 

- How to reward your dog correctly 

- How to safely correct unwanted behaviours 

- How to build your dogs desire to play with you and utilise this in training 

- How to build and utilise food drive 

- How to fulfill your dogs genetic needs in a safe and controlled way that suits your lifestyle and environment. 

- A step by step plan on how to address and solve any unwanted behaviors.

- Using a Longline 

- Recall Training  

Once we have met you and your dog and started training in your first session, we will be able to give you a more detailed breakdown of what the sessions will consist of.

Check out our social media for real life video evidence of past and current clients progress in sessions.