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We Travel to you :

2 hour home visits. 

For owners in need of help with obedience, lead pulling, recall, prey drive, separation anxiety, barking, reactivity, human/dog aggression, fear related behaviours and many more. 

We offer packages of 3 sessions , with the option to book top up sessions having completed your training program. 

Package of 3, 2 hour sessions: £560 


£50 deposit at time of booking. £170 on the day of each session.  

2 hour One off sessions are available too. 

One off, 2 hour session: £220


£50 deposit at time of booking. £170 on the day of the session.  


 Travel to us :

If you are outside our travel to areas you are welcome to travel to us. 

Sessions are 1 hour, you will receive the same level of training all taking place at the LM-K9 Training Facility in Maidenhead.


For this clients are welcome to travel down and complete three sessions over the course of three consecutive days or spread these out traveling to us on three separate occasions.  

Package of 3, 1 hour sessions: £250 

£50 deposit at time of booking, £50 on the day of each session. 


One off Session Price: £150 

£50 deposit at time of booking, £100 on the day of the session. 



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Group Class, Pack Walks and more. 

Exclusively for Paws-A-Minute clients who have completed their training program and would like a real-life environment around real-life distractions to practice and further training.

Controlled socialisation for your dog around people,  dogs and other real-life distractions. 

Price per dog £10



Exclusive to Paws-A-Minute Clients. 

Exclusively for Paws-A-Minute clients who have had 121 sessions or use our dog walking service. 

It can be so disheartening when you have invested time and money into training your dog and it all goes out the window when you send them to the dog sitter whilst your away! 

At Paws-A-Minute I will take all your worries away and maintain your dogs current training so they return to you as they came to me. 


If you are not a current client but would like to use our boarding service please book in a 1 hour session so that we can get to know each other and ensure this service is right for your dog. 


Requirements for boarding: 


  • Have had at least one 121 session with myself 

  • Your dog is fully crate trained  

Price per day £75


If 121 sessions are not suitable for you and your dog our Board & Train service is just for you! Great if you need a head start with training, need a break from the training process or would like your dog to receive training whilst yu are away! I will work through any behavioural problems and training whilst your dog stays with me. 

Minimum 1 week stay to ensure time to proof training. 

Current clients are welcome to top up their boarding stay to Board & Train too! 

For more information fill out our application form!  

What can be covered in a Board & Train:

  • Loose Lead Walking  

  • Obedience

  • general good behaviour and manners

  • Off lead freedom with Ecollar training

  • Reactivity

  • Teaching your dog to settle in public 

  • Waiting patiently at doorways 

  • Off lead Heel with Ecollar training 

  • Proofing all training around distraction (dogs, people, livestock and in Public)

  • and much more ! 

Price £125 per day 


3 week 'off lead' residential stay at a training facility. Recall will be reliable around doggs, people, livestock, animals and public parks, fields and woodland. 

£500 per week including Ecollar and hand over session. 

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