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Paws-A-Minute are now offering a premium dog walking service in Croydon and the surrounding areas. 

I  am delighted to have Kirsty and her lovely cockapoo Freddie joining our team. Kirsty has successfully rehabilitated her own rescue dog with guidance from myself and has shadowed other trainers who I have personally worked alongside. She is a complete natural when it comes to dogs and has experience handling dogs of all sizes, temperaments and training levels, ranging from schnauzers, cockapoos too malinois and dobermans! Kirsty has completed our 4 month mentorship program where she has learned everything there is to know about training dogs from solving behavioural problems, and teaching basic obedience to competition-level obedience. Completely setting her apart from any dog walkers in the area.  

Kirsty will be offering a range of services including 1 hour structured Solo and Pack walks suited to your dog's physical and mental needs. Walks will include loose lead walking, structured and safe off lead exercise, play, obedience, scent work, duration work, and much more. You can be sure that your dog will come home fulfilled and all of your current training maintained and enhanced! Pack Walks will be kept to a maximum of 4-5 dogs to adhere to local council rules and also to ensure that your dogs are safe at all times during walks. 

Day Drop

Kirsty will also be offering a day drop service, perfect if you would like your dog to have company for a number of hours during the day. This will be available as a full day service. This will include pick up and drop off, joining pack walks, adhering to any training and relaxing in a home environment.  This service can be completely tailored to your dog's needs.  

NEW service ! Adventure Walks 

On adventure walks, your dog will be collected in the morning and we will travel further afield to different locations, these can be big forests, heathlads, beaches and more! Walks will be 2/3 hours long with the total time out with Kirsty being close to 4 hours with travel. We will still include lots of structure and upkeep of your existing training. These walks are good for dogs to enjoy a longer day out and will be opening regular adventure walk slots too. 


Puppy Socialisation Walks

Puppies critical socialisation period is between 8-16weeks. Socialisation is made up of introducing your puppy to new sights, sounds, smells and textures. While many think socialisation is meeting as many dogs and people as possible, the fact is quite the opposite and with this, it is very much quality over quantity.

During these 40 minute socialisation walks, we will take your puppy out to busy high streets, shop car parks, cafes and more. By visiting these environments in short bursts, it will help to create a well-rounded, confident dog that can handle many situations. These walks are perfect for those who may not have the time or the ability to ensure puppy gets enough exposure as possible.



  • 1 hour Solo Walk £30 

  • 1 hour Pack Walk £24  (second dog from same household £15)

  • 40 minute Puppy Socialisation Walks £22

  • 2-3 hours Adventure walks £44

      These all include pick up and drop off.

  • Day Drop - from £45 please get in touch for an accurate quote.  

Pre Walk Training 

If you would like your dog to take part in these walks but they still struggle to walk on a loose lead then please book in a pre walk training session. In this session Kirsty will take your dog out for an hours session and work on loose lead walking. This will prepare them for solo and pack walks. Loose lead walking ensures the safety of both Kirsty and your dog when walking in public. It also sets a nice foundation so Kirsty can continue to work on and maintain other training & neutrality. Kirsty will also offer a 20 minute  handover session so that you can incorporate these skills in your own walks with your dog.

Price £50


If you feel your dog may require further training please fill out our training application form.  

If you are interested please fill out our form below. Be as honest as possible so we can ensure we provide the best-tailored service for your dog. 


Dog Walking  with Paws-A-Minute Application Form
What service would you like to be provided?
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